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Data Logger

This temperature data logger excels in the widest range of applications, regulatory compliance, HVAC balancing, warehouse mapping, process control and more. Simple to set-up, easy to use and battery powered.

We decided to make the best Compact Logger on the market. With a new outer case, user selectable logging times, and redesigned PC interface, it's exactly what you need.

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Our most feature rich line of pressure data loggers. Instruments provide data retrieval without having to move the unit and the digital display provides current and min/max readings.

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Our new HT300 Bottle Logger is perfectly compact for your high temperature application. The key benefits of this logger? You can throw it in water, fit it into a jar or bottle, and show off it's food grade stainless steel to your regulatory agency. Oh, and for those of you who manufacture food, these loggers are HACCP and FDA compliant.

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When shipping temperature sensitive items it is important to ensure that they remain within their specified ranges. These disposable loggers are one-time-use loggers that accurately record the temperature from the start to finish of the transport. Documentation adheres to critical sotrage requirements.

Other Application of DICKSON Data loggers.


Dickson loggers can help you ensure that your ovens reach their optimal temperatures for efficiency and effectiveness.


Follow good GMP procedures by employing Dickson devices to monitor and record the environments where you package materials.


Dickson high temperature loggers confirm that your sterilizers reach their required temperatures, a necessity for consumer safety.

Stability Testing

Maintain precise manufacturing standards to guarantee that a product retains its quality over its lifetime.


Dickson loggers provide reliable results, whether you're running tests or monitoring ambient conditions.


Dickson provides affordable options for monitoring one refrigerator or hundreds.


Dickson offers a variety of small, durable devices for accurate monitoring during shipping.

Production Areas

Dickson monitors confirm environmental stability, helping you achieve consistent results throughout your production process.


Dickson instruments track the correct temperatures and humidity for storing chemicals, materials and products, increasing product longevity and saving you money.


Precise measurements are vital. Dickson's instruments are accurate and certified by our own A2LA accredited lab.

Clean Rooms

Use Dickson instruments to monitor a clean room's stability and maintain an environment that is safe for producing sensitive products.



Satisfy the FDA's strict set of requirements with Dickson chart recorders and data loggers.


Dickson manufactures a number of devices that help you meet the requirements set forth by 21CFR11 standards.

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