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Remote Site Monitoring

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We can help you to find a correct temperature and temperature humidity monitoring product whatever is your environment is.

Our products are easy to install, use and monitor temperatures at any location over a secure network. We can customize alerts and notifications as per user request and need. Overall, it’s a complete solution with an easy to use bundled software.

When we began designing our new line of Touchscreen Data Loggers, we started with some simple, yet lofty goals: create a device that was feature heavy, easy to use, and allowed users to access their data history anywhere.

So we combined a new Touchscreen interface with the power of DicksonOne to deliver our most robust Data Logger yet.

And the TWP Model adds a little something extra: Power over Ethernet.

Touchscreen Features:
- DicksonOne Integrated (WiFi or Ethernet Connectivity)
- Power over Ethernet
- Capacitive Touch LCD Screen
- Interchangeable Replaceable Sensors