Thermal Mapping

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The Thermal Mapping Service is a simple, efficient way to obtain a GMP-compliant temperature mapping report


We provide consulting and also help in arriving at the correct mapping of storage of any shape and size. Based on the floor plan of your facility with desired inputs on size and layout, our experienced thermal mapping specialists determine the location and number of measuring points. We place the loggers at the desired locations and activate them. After the specific cycle is over we collect them and provide with you an easy to understand thermal mapping report with a summary and a detailed location based hot and cold points.

It’s imperative for any GMP compliant system to perform thermal mapping on a periodic basis if it’s storing temperature sensitive products for short or long time.

We can help to determine the intervals and cycles based on the industry and compliance needs.


Thermal validation of containers are important for carriers working for foods, beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

We provide single and multiple cycle calibration services with quick results.

We can help calibrate between -30 deg C to +100 deg C Representation of logger placement for mapping